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GWMull: Virtual Meeting on machine learning and its applications to gravitational wave science | 28-30 July 2021

28-30 July 2021

A GW Mull, planned for last year and re-launch as a virtual meeting, will take place from 28 to 30 July 2021. The meeting will still focus on machine learning and its applications to gravitational wave science.

The Zoom link for the conference is:

More info can be found at the web page of the meeting:
Links to the recordings will also be posted in this web page.

In the meeting schedule at the web page of the meeting, you can find the Q&A padlet links to the different sessions, which are also listed below:

Thursday morning:
Thursday afternoon:

Friday morning:
Friday afternoon:

The GWMull was very well organised with several sessions allowed more than 25 participants to deeply discuss about Machine Learning and Gravitational Waves. Talks covered a wide and diverse range of topics, and padlet was a very good choice for interesting discussions. “Most participants enjoyed the meeting and there was good engagement during the discussion sessions. We hope to do this in person and continue our discussions over coffee, lunch, dinner, etc, on Mull in the coming year!”, comments Ik Siong Heng, part of the local organizers.