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Guidelines for gender equality and to improve diversity

This COST action (CA17137) has already committed in the memorandum of understanding to balance as much as possible the gender distribution of the proposers, to ensure a proper geographical representation of the networkers and to implement actions that will ease the participation to the schools and workshop.

We will follow the main COST Excellence and Inclusiveness guidelines to:

  • Ensure that the ACTION is geographical spread and involves the Inclusiveness Target Countries. This will allow to identify excellence in science and technology across Europe, to ease the access to funding and infrastructures by research communities and to trigger structural changes in Members’ national research systems.
  • Involve early career investigators. This will empower young talents at the beginning of their careers to acquire the necessary recognition and leadership.
  • Take into account the gender balance. In this respect equal opportunities have to be ensured and gender-friendly career advancement, overcoming stereotypes of women and science and supporting women’s leadership.

In all the selection procedures (for short term scientific missions, schools, workshop, etc.) we will support more equitable participation and opportunity, addressing the additional inequalities and pressures that underrepresented scientists face as they pursue their education and career. At the same time we will profit of the skills, talents, and experiences that people of different races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, genders, and economic classes bring.

For any issue regarding this topic contact the Diversity Advisor [+]


The inclusion of further partners from currently participating COST Countries, or other countries within or outside the COST Network, is welcome and strongly encouraged during the entire duration of the Action.